It’s All About This Benjamin – Tea and Celebration

Where did the time go? One day I was watching the face of this baby boy light up as he studied his father’s animated commentary during televised sports. If Daddy cheered, then baby cheered. It seemed as though that little boy wanted to do everything his father did. This is my nephew Benjamin, the second-born […]

Poetry and Motion – Tea and Dance

Why are you here?” Joya Powell asked each of us standing in that roda, a circle of individuals anticipating three days of intensive dance classes. Good question. “I’m a people and I need to move,” I answered. It sounds so simple. I gave a short answer to spare my fellow participants valuable time. However, my […]

Turning Over a New Leaf

Learning is a sign of growth and proves that we’re still alive. We either grow or die. As long as I live, I’m committed to learn in the process.

Back In Love Again – Tea and Renewal

“If you can make it through February, you’ll March on through.” – Lillian I. Carter, philosopher and human rights activist It is never too late to start over. The eight words above have accompanied me over some rough and treacherous terrain and I’m still here on the journey. Thankfully, I am still hopeful and determined […]

Agony of The Leaf – Tea and Grief

Love is stronger than the grave. – Theodore Marshall Carter Ouch. My heart hurts. It’s time to write. This morning I learned that one of my childhood friends died. (Taking a long, slow sip to steady my hands and to calm myself.) It seems so odd to see this in writing and to watch my […]

Steep Me Again – Tea and Recaliberation

Words are the public announcement of what we privately believe. Therefore, words mean nothing if we do not live them. (Welcome to all new @VLHamilton, @TeaPhilosophy, Instagram @msvlh, and Straight From The followers! Please feel free to settle in with a nice hot cuppa or even a full tea pot. Everybody needs a pause, […]

Wear Your Dreams Out – Tea and Entrepreneurship

“You can never be anything great unless you love it.” – Maya Angelou Books do not teach us how to be a business owner. Even though the New York Public Library’s lions are named Patience and Fortitude, these essential character traits are not acquired by frequent library card use. Similarly, successful businesses are not achieved […]

Handle With Care – Tea and Labels

Excerpt from “A Woman With Wisdom” (Poems For Life’s Puzzle) To be a woman who sets the standard To face whatever challenge without fear To inspire the young to excel and succeed By assuring them sound advice is near… — Verna L. Hamilton Did we human beings ever answer the question whether or not a […]


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Verna L. Hamilton

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