It’s All About This Benjamin – Tea and Celebration

Congratulations Benjamin!

Where did the time go? One day I was watching the face of this baby boy light up as he studied his father’s animated commentary during televised sports. If Daddy cheered, then baby cheered. It seemed as though that little boy wanted to do everything his father did.

Benjamin and Harold Hamilton

This is my nephew Benjamin, the second-born of my four heartbeats. He is a respectful, talented, and humble young man. Thanks to his hard work and his parents’ excellent guidance, Ben officially committed to play NCAA Division I, Mid-American Conference (MAC) baseball with the Ohio University Bobcats!

Celebration Is Proclamation

We dream, pray, and sacrifice for those we love. We sometimes anxiously observe from afar hoping they avoid making the same mistakes that we made. We instinctively know that we cannot protect them from everything, yet we endeavor to love them through everything.

To Benjamin with Love

Raised cup salute to you Benjamin! Your tribe celebrates you, loves you madly, and we have your back.

Cups up! No pinkies necessary.

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