Turning Over a New Leaf

Learning is a sign of growth and proves that we’re still alive. We either grow or die. As long as I live, I’m committed to learn in the process.

Verna L. Hamilton 2009 v 2019
Verna L. Hamilton: 2009 v. 2019 (Author)

Life is an adventure and I’m here to live. Pictures just capture moments in time.

Verna L. Hamilton
Tea Philosophy at Calabar Gallery Harlem

Pictures don’t tell the whole story. Our words and actions are what give context to whatever series of events occurred to bring us to the present moment.

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Since 2009, it appears that I’ve grown more gray, more confident and more determined to live my life abundantly and without regrets. It’s not been easy, yet it has been — and still is — worth it.

These days I’m examining myself and asking these questions:

  • What activities nurture my soul?
  • Where am I willing to go to learn more?
  • How am I maximizing my time?
  • Who is giving oxygen to my best self?

Consider these posts a personal invitation to pause, to drink tea, and to develop strategies to do and to be better. Cups up! No pinkies necessary.

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