Back In Love Again – Tea and Renewal

“If you can make it through February, you’ll March on through.” – Lillian I. Carter, philosopher and human rights activist

It is never too late to start over.

The eight words above have accompanied me over some rough and treacherous terrain and I’m still here on the journey. Thankfully, I am still hopeful and determined to enjoy the trip.

Yes, good tea people, I live.

(Warm virtual hugs from this unapologetic tea aficionado to all the good tea people and faithful followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and in-person tasting events. Thanks for the love.)

I live and life happens. In my case, there have been more enough loved ones dying in rapid succession, demanding work projects, and miscellaneous relationship paradigm shifts where I decided to become my own high priority client. My best recommendation for long-term growth? Shut it down.




Assess. Recalibrate. Recover. Apply self-care urgently, unapologetically, and we will save this life and #DrinkTea abundantly.

Over Doesn’t Mean Easy

Mrs. Lillian I. Carter and her granddaughter (Photo courtesy of author) Adversity is the teacher who whips out pop quizzes and fill-in-the-blank tests at will. We are all compulsory students. Even though I took some of the greatest notes from my relatives and other ancestors, I know now via experience there are tests which test everything we think we know.There are the tests where no one can help you answer the questions. Cheating is pointless because no two individuals will arrive at the same answer at the same time. Write down all the lessons learned, especially the things that went wrong. These moments are the ones which build character so skipping over those questions is a waste of time. Take great notes and read over them often.

Starting over after setbacks is not easy. From grieving a loved one’s death or an affiliation’s demise to navigating a dramatic career shift or geographic relocation, life events affect more than taxes, insurance, and credit scores. Life events call into question dreams, motives, and decisions. Each decision is a bag packed with opportunity, risk, and unforeseen consequences.

Go hard or go home, à la Bed-stuy, but just make sure that home is stabilized first.

For example, I began writing this Straight From The Leaf blog in August 2009 for my children, beginning with the one who told me she wanted to grow up and be like me.

(That little girl scared me to death and accountability. Those who know how to pray, please pray her strength in the LORD. She will continue to be strong and do great things. Amen.)

I began writing out of my love for them. The initial purpose is to make sure that they have my words to read even when the day comes — and it will come — when I’m no longer here to speak them. Children, love is stronger than the grave and words outlive the writer.

Now I write because I can.

Cups up, good tea people! #DrinkTea

2 responses to “Back In Love Again – Tea and Renewal”

  1. Nicole Martin Avatar

    It made my heart happy to see a post from you pop up in my feed. Keep those beautiful words coming! 🙂

    1. Verna L. Hamilton Avatar

      Thank you so much! Your encouragement speaks volumes.

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