Steep Me Again – Tea and Recaliberation

Words are the public announcement of what we privately believe. Therefore, words mean nothing if we do not live them.

(Welcome to all new @VLHamilton, @TeaPhilosophy, Instagram @msvlh, and Straight From The followers! Please feel free to settle in with a nice hot cuppa or even a full tea pot. Everybody needs a pause, yes?)

For this unapologetic tea aficionado, there are lessons tightly rolled into the tea leaf. If you’ve read this blog’s title, then no further disclaimers seem necessary other than to say that every tea drinker must steep to one’s individual palate. 

(It’s called Straight From The Leaf for a reason. Add your own sugar stick.)

Life has a way of testing how deeply infused together our words and beliefs are. In other words, there will be times when we find ourselves weak and in hot water — or worse, encounter landlords who think tenants can live without it!

Life tests us in our diverse areas of vulnerability, e.g. family, finances, work, relationships, health, or all of the aforementioned. The decisions we make during our personal crises are critical because we live or die by the actions which follow the decisions.

When life happened to me, I did what you are doing now: I read what I wrote. Then, I read it again.


I choose balance over chaos and peace above confusion. I first take the time to cultivate the best within me so that I in turn can give my best to others.  – Verna L. Hamilton, VLH Personal Mission Statement

(I see a raised hand from one of our bolder good tea people. “There have been more than 365 days between posts. Aren’t you a ‘prolific’ writer?”)

Good question.

Like tea farmers after a natural disaster, I invested time in myself to assess the damages, to make some hard decisions, and then to cultivate an environment that nourishes my spirit, my soul, and my body.

Cultivation is hard work: 

  • Breaking up stubborn clods
  • Overturning depleted soil
  • Uprooting rottenness 
  • Removing various weeds
  • Planting new seeds
  • Nourishing the ground 

My days are consumed with making sure that I can live within my own words, whether or not I choose to share publicly.

As a literary artist, I reserve the right to choose if, what, and when to share. For example, Poems For Life’s Puzzle is a collection of this introvert’s personal diaries.


Let the opinions of others be like the bugs who chew on the edges of oolong tea leaves: each bite just adds to the flavor once the tea is steeped. A fine oolong tea’s steeps are multiple and so the aroma and flavor outlast the bug bites.

Steep me again. 

For all the twists and turns, relocations, loved ones buried, physical challenges, and financial setbacks and comebacks, I am undefeated.

I am alive and thriving. I am recovering and growing out my words. Most of all, I am enjoying and making the most of the life I have. For this, I am thankful.

Thanks again for all the likes, retweets, encouraging words, and list additions. Let there be TEA.

Cups up! #DrinkTea #LoveMsVLH

2 responses to “Steep Me Again – Tea and Recaliberation”

  1. northernteaist Avatar

    I believe that tea is the greatest teacher – the best teas are a product of time, simplicity, and a deep understanding of natural processes, as well as a willingness to dance to nature’s tune.

    To move towards being in sync with the Cha Dao, the Way of Tea, is, ultimately, to re-discover one’s own true self….

    1. Verna L. Hamilton Avatar

      Thanks for making time to read and to share. Cups up! #DrinkTea

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