Excerpt from “A Woman With Wisdom” (Poems For Life’s Puzzle)

To be a woman who sets the standard

To face whatever challenge without fear

To inspire the young to excel and succeed

By assuring them sound advice is near…

— Verna L. Hamilton

Did we human beings ever answer the question whether or not a tree makes an audible sound falling alone in the forest?


Does our lack of personal witness make the sound any less pronounced? Was it the tree’s responsibility to record its own fall via video and post its own experience?

Once presented, would we then dismiss the fallen tree, discount its evidence, and proceed to label it as yet another media-attention seeker?

In other words, strip the tree of its bark once it’s already down. Then recycle the tree into paper so we can rewrite its entire history.

Yes, this is something to ponder over a strong, hot cup of tea.

(Welcome to all new Straight From The Leaf subscribers and Tea Philosophy followers! Please feel free to take that much-needed pause. Go ahead and steep a fresh pot of tea. Let’s select ourselves a large cup and let the pouring begin.) 


IMG_6276 Like the person wondering about the sounds a lone tree falling in the forest makes, if a writer writes with a hand are the words heard? Do words speak from a page made possible by a fallen tree?

(Excuse me, please. What did you call me in that article?)

Somebody’s son gets called a thug.

Peaceful worshippers are violently killed.

An accomplished woman becomes pronounced a man.

Citizens morph into refugees without right to remain within their country of birth.

Labels pour upon individuals like hot water over tea leaves. Like over-steeped tea, the results cannot be masked with sweeteners and milk. We taste the bitter liquor as an ever-increasing stream of caustic words  scald opportunities for honest dialogue.

(It is both painful and difficult to speak with a scalded tongue. Thankful that when we sip, our mouths remain closed and our ears open.)




Labels only stick when the wearer refuses to peel them off and discard them. They are like name tags which we choose to wear over time to help others identify us. However, these labels do not define who we are.

That’s the reason we introduce ourselves. Through our words and actions, we share information revealing who we are and what we believe.

(Hello, I am Verna L. Hamilton…)

I am a writer. Unapologetically. Therefore, I write seeking neither applause nor approbation.

Let me share a page of my recent story. Once upon a time, someone asked me to share my poetry using my voice.

(Yes, good tea people, I was literally drinking tea and minding my business.)

I said, “Yes”. From that one word, the words I penned on a private journal leaf, created from a recycled fallen tree, reached the ears of extremely influential men and women.

In the process, I discovered how far and loud a sound (my) words have. They have taken me around the world.

This humbling knowledge now makes me measure each syllable carefully.

It also causes me to evaluate our present 193 nations. How can we call ourselves civilized amidst such uncivilized behavior? It begins with a word.

Who are you? The world is waiting to hear.

Cups up! #DrinkTea

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