Taking A Dump – Tea and Foolishness


For #ThrowbackThursday and for those who can appreciate Philly’s culinary edibles, let there be TEA. #ThinkTea #DrinkTea

Straight From The Leaf




I choose balance over chaos and peace above confusion.
– Verna L. Hamilton

Foolishness is like junk food.

We’re enticed by its suggestion. We’re tempted by its immediate gratification. Yet, we reserve the right to decide if, when, and how much of it we digest. We assess our nutritional needs; we determine our daily intake; and then, thankfully, we eat. (Soulevé tasse hommage à manger. Vive manger!)

(Raised cup salute to eating. Long live eating!)

There is junk food, e.g. potatoes chips, and then there are true culinary expressions like the Philly cheesesteak (pictured).

Whatever we habitually feast upon inwardly will evidence itself outwardly. Therefore, man cannot live on a Philly cheesesteak and french fries alone…

Let there be TEA.

Antidote to Absurdity

Welcome to all new Straight From The Leaf readers, especially those who instead of shunning french fries will pair them with a fine…

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About Verna L. Hamilton

Unapologetic tea aficionado travels world, drinks tea, and pours out words. Shares her passion for the Camellia Sinensis plant in all its forms -- black, oolong, green, white, pu-erh -- and, if done well, doesn't discriminate against rooibos, herbals, tisanes or other infusions. Uses tea as a bridge towards bringing people together. Cups up! #DrinkTea

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