Day 4: Simply the Best



“I first take time to cultivate the best within me so that I in turn can give my best to others.”
– Excerpt from Verna L. Hamilton’s Personal Mission Statement

Q. Where and when am I my best?

A. When my creative and analytical juices begin to flow and then dance.

Simply My Best
( A poem written by Verna L. Hamilton)

Quiet, calm spaces
with nowhere to be
The sound of a kettle
a waiting cup for tea
Blank journal pages
and a pen full of ink
Serenity so thick that
massage-induced sleep’s
within one blink

Peaceful and precious moments
among family and close friends
Laughter rising from the belly
from jokes with no end
Drinking chocolate
and licking the spoon
Singing personal concerts
and looping favorite tunes
Stretching out every limb
believing there’s room to grow
Dancing like there’s no tomorrow
Expecting to reap what I sow

Marveling at what others see
when I’m just being me
Then going back to the drawing board
to conquer lingering liabilities

Cups up! 3

Credits: “Few of My Favorite Things” photo and “Simply My Best” created by Verna L. Hamilton and Straight From The Leaf/Tea Philosophy LLC. All rights reserved.


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