Day 3: What’s On Your Mind?


Today my thoughts wrap around the adage “there is no success without a successor.”

Thirteen year ago today, this unapologetic tea aficionado became an aunt.For the record, it was better than receiving an unlimited lifetime supply of Big Red Robe oolong tea.

(Read: seismic shift within the galaxy.)

I freely admit to being totally unprepared for and overwhelmed by the love of children. Their affection and admiration is both a sacred trust and a weighty responsibility. Who, in their right mind, wants to disappoint a child?

What’s that? Excuse me a moment please, good tea people.

(No, we are not going to Chuck E. Cheese’s anytime soon.)

Did I mention how demanding a child’s love and admiration are?

Then I laugh. Regardless of my valiant attempts otherwise, children of all ages find me, surround me, and ask me more questions than tea leaves on a bush.

They remind me that our actions outlive our words. Yet, when we write down our words, we give them a life of their own. It is an intentional act of kindness similar to leaving the cottage key under the doormat for the next traveler.

So, keep reading Straight From The Leaf children. We’ll grow together.

Yes, of course, let’s drink tea. Cups up (pinkies down)!

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