Day 2: What’s Your Name?


If someone requests a drink, “Straight, no chaser,” then a weak and watery result is the very last thing expected.

Even though it comes with its own liquor, the leaf Straight From The Leaf references is the Camellia sinensis, i.e. the tea leaf.

For an unapologetic tea aficionado, there are very few things worse than a weak cup of tea.

(That last sentence soured my palate. Please feel free to make yourself a fresh cup of tea.)

20140104-233819.jpg Taglines for Drinking Tea
At Tea Philosophy words are tangible thoughts with the pliability of Playdoh and the longevity of an oak tree.

Think Tea. Drink Tea.

Historically, tea is the preferred beverage of scholars, poets, and philosophers (read: Song Dynasty).

Tea drinkers are thinkers.

Think about that. Let there be tea.


About Verna L. Hamilton

Unapologetic tea aficionado travels world, drinks tea, and pours out words. Shares her passion for the Camellia Sinensis plant in all its forms -- black, oolong, green, white, pu-erh -- and, if done well, doesn't discriminate against rooibos, herbals, tisanes or other infusions. Uses tea as a bridge towards bringing people together. Cups up! #DrinkTea

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