Viva Cuba – Tea and Sophie’s


20130218-135721.jpg Food is life. It represents the character, the culture, and the choices people make in order to survive and to grow.

Show me someone’s plate and I’ll show you his or her life’s philosophy …

20130218-140230.jpg Yes, of course this is my plate.

(Inviting yourself into someone’s plate without her express permission is not only rude, but also could prove hazardous to your health.)

Lessons From The Plate

What can we learn about living from the plate shown above? Here are a few thoughts to consider:

1. Acknowledge first there is a whole, unbroken plate able to hold food. We have what we need when we need it most.

2. Recognize that the plate is full. Whether seen as adversity or opportunity, this plate has more than enough to digest. The eater’s appetite determines the level of consumption.

3. Manage what’s in front of you first before adding condiments and extra sides. Appreciate the flavors, the textures, and the colors of what’s present. Then enjoy it as the labor of love someone gave to prepare it.

(By the way, the maduros or sweet plaintains, are on a plate by themselves.)

Where’s The Tea?

At Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine, there is no oolong or Yunnan tea. We’d usually walk back to the office so I could prepare a pot worthy of chicken fricasée, yellow rice, black beans, and maduros.

The tea kept all alert during afternoon team meetings. The food, of course, helped everyone remain civil and professional.

Tea and food: living is a sweet and beautiful thing.


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