Blending Letters Like Leaves – Tea and Child’s Play


Early Tea Education (Cracker Barrel, Lakeland FL)

Emancipation came the day I learned my alphabet. This singular act ensured that never would I be enslaved by unexpressed thoughts, suppressed emotions, or public opinion.

Education informs life.

“A – B – C – D …”

Every good thing has a beginning.

“E – F – G …”

“Learning one’s alphabet is a watershed moment: It is the entry to fulfilling one’s purpose. These alphabet letters form words; the words convey thought; and, if written, the thoughts live on long after the writer dies.”

– From Drink Tea Devotionals

Tea Training Up a Child

“H – I – J – K …”

It starts very small.

One letter.

A tiny leaf.

“L – M – N – O – P …”

It begins so small and obscure that it’s overlooked by the casual observer.

Often it escapes the notice of  passersby intent on finding the largest, the loudest and the common.

“Q – R – S …”

Better Trumps Bitter

Complaints are usually bitter and therefore unnecessary.

Instead, the tender leaf continues to strengthen, to grow, and to gather.

“T – U – V …”

The growth is hard, steady and consistent.

The letters blend together. Words gather almost quicker than the mind, hand or mouth can capture them. There is now a well of words streaming and flowing without end in the foreseeable future.

“W – X …”

What will be done with the overflow? Wasting is not an option.

“Y – Z.”

This is the chosen compound solution: Share.

S – H – A – R – E.


Drink Tea. Share.

Cups up!

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