The Levitical Room at Canticles – Tea and Worship


For many people, my life is the only sermon they will hear.
– Verna L. Hamilton

Life inhales motives and exhales actions.

We live and breathe according to our individual capacity. We desire to maximize the air, breath, and oxygen available to us at any given moment. As we breathe, so we live.

Any volunteers for constricted breathing? Of course not.

Instead, we seek ways to open and to enhance our lung capacity whether through deep breathing, Pilates, or vocal exercises. Persuaded by its benefits, we daily exercise our convictions and expect improvement.

(Yes, this is both sensitive and personal: everything that touches our core is.)

For many who love the leaf, tea is as natural as breathing. What then is this insidious plot to drive an unapologetic tea aficionado into near apoplexy?

Play At Your Own Risk

Straight From The Leaf does not seek to start a war, even though wars have been fought to secure tea possession rights.

Warm welcomes to all new readers!

(If you have already poured a cup of tea, then please put it down before reading further. Please use caution. Reader discretion advised and strongly encouraged.)

Again, the following is for informational purposes only.

To wound an unapologetic tea aficionado beyond recognition, serve a weak cup of tea, i.e. a  limp cuppa.


The thought disgusts us because we crave authenticity and refuse to settle for anything less. However, after tasting the offered cup, we now look for the nearest spittoon — and a real cup of tea.

The Levitical Room

Similarly, we seek an authentic worship experience at least as satisfying as a great cuppa.

Founder Dickson Guillaume (Twitter @mrdguillaume) extended an invitation to The Levitical Room, a weekly Tuesday bible teaching session targeted to singers, poets, dancers, and other artists.

Excuse me a moment…

(Reading question from new readers viewing the pictures)

Is that a BAR?!

Yes, this is Brooklyn’s only non-alcoholic bar! This is Canticles Lounge (207 Lewis Avenue).

Since it’s in Bed-Stuy, my attending The Levitical Room will prompt one of two (2) responses:

  1. Go Hard
  2. Go Home

Here’s a sampling from The Levitical Room (Twitter @LeviticalRoomNY):

Speaking of sampling, perhaps after World Tea East this cozy and intimate atmosphere will see another non-alcoholic beverage added.

Let there be TEA.

Cups up!


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