Taking A Dump – Tea and Foolishness





I choose balance over chaos and peace above confusion.
– Verna L. Hamilton

Foolishness is like junk food.

We’re enticed by its suggestion. We’re tempted by its immediate gratification. Yet, we reserve the right to decide if, when, and how much of it we digest. We assess our nutritional needs; we determine our daily intake; and then, thankfully, we eat. (Soulevé tasse hommage à manger. Vive manger!)

(Raised cup salute to eating. Long live eating!)

There is junk food, e.g. potatoes chips, and then there are true culinary expressions like the Philly cheesesteak (pictured).

Whatever we habitually feast upon inwardly will evidence itself outwardly. Therefore, man cannot live on a Philly cheesesteak and french fries alone…

Let there be TEA.

Antidote to Absurdity

Welcome to all new Straight From The Leaf readers, especially those who instead of shunning french fries will pair them with a fine pu’erh tea.

Tea and scholarship are a magnificent pairing. Before traipsing off to the neighborhood library, let’s improve our minds via word study:

  • Antidote (noun): A medicine or other remedy for counteracting the effects of poison, disease, etc.
  • Absurdity (noun): The state or quality of being utterly or obviously senseless, illogical, or untrue; contrary to all reason or common sense.

Looking at yet another line from my personal mission statement, we all make choices from presented options. What’s the desired outcome?

We unapologetic tea aficionados decide whether or not to preserve tea within cool, dark and dry places. Leaving airtight containers open for tea contaminants is against our desired goal: a bold, flavorful, and satisfying cup of tea.

Consider this example:

  1. Imagine storing a First Flush Makaibari Estate Darjeeling in a tin which previously held a Lapsang Souchong.
  2. Now imagine that tin open while preparing Garlic Chicken and Broccoli…

Yes, it’s a painful but illuminating illustration. It leaves a horrible taste in the mouth, doesn’t it?

So does foolishness.

It is better to dump anything that resembles it to preserve our lives’ vitality. After all, our life reflects our ability to choose what matters the most.

Here’s to flavorful and satisfying choices… Cups up good tea people!



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