Shaken, Stirred and Churned – Tea and Ice Cream


It’s a paradox: a tea aficionado who rarely drinks iced tea yet avidly seeks out matcha green tea ice cream…

Make that an unapologetic tea aficionado. There are no apologies for liking ice cream, especially if one has no lactose-intolerance.

Make that matcha green tea.

Match-what? Matcha. M-a-t-c-h-a. Matcha.

Matcha is whole leaf green tea ground to a fine powder. It is this form of green tea commonly used during Japanese tea ceremony.

Everyone should experience freshly bamboo-whisked Japanese gyokuro matcha, foam frothing up out of a handcrafted matcha bowl, smelling like the mountains from which the leaves were plucked so tenderly…

Pardon the digression. If it’s truly cooler version we seek, then add these to the matcha green tea:




Yes, go ahead, add the ice.

Start working the ingredients and work at it until it comes together. Sounds like life, doesn’t it?

Sometimes a visual sparks inspiration. Let’s review it again.

Get the picture?

Chocolate, of course, is optional.

Stay cool and keep those tea cups up.

Cups up!


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