Ain’t That a Pip? Pip’s Place The Gluten Free Cakery


It’s no secret. I’m a food-loving, chocolate-eating, unapologetic tea aficionado. Good food is community service and bad food is, well, a crime against humanity. Food is precious and treated with respect. As a result, I get excited when I come across an establishment which takes food seriously.

One day someone offered me gluten-free, chocolate-chip cookies. Chocolate?! It seemed a simple choice, even though I wondered about the gluten-free aspect. (I prefer butter to margarine, sugar The cookie was delicious — gluten-free and all — and self-taught baker Denise Cumming acquired another fan. She said that she wanted to open a place in Upper East Manhattan.

It is now OPEN. Let the foodies rejoice.

Pip’s Place The Gluten Free Cakery™

Located at 1729-31 First Avenue (MTA Subway 6: 86th Street Station), Pip’s Place The Gluten Free Cakery™  is community service. Pip’s Place restores the simple pleasure of enjoying baked treats to those with celiac disease and/or a gluten intolerance. What’s more important, everything tastes superb. In fact, I’ve personally eaten enough Almond Apricot Cake to ensure its safety for general consumption.

Pairing Pip’s Berry Green Tea with Almond Apricot Cake

What happens when a tea connoisseur tastes great cake? The mind starts thinking about pairing it with tea. (Oh yes, Pip’s offers coffee as well.)

Since Tea Philosophy believes that everyone should have access to good tea, there’s no reason to deprive individuals who seek gluten-free options. Let the tea loose and let it steep.

There’s a pairing: loose tea green tea and cake gluten-free.

Don’t take my word for it. After all, Tea Philosophy is my business. Go to Pip’s Place NYC and taste it for yourself. Let us know what you think.

Disclaimer: Forming frequent cake-eating and/or tea-drinking habits is at the reader’s sole discretion.

Enjoy the experience. Cups up!


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