Because of Your Actions – Tea and Entrepreneurship



Success attracts. Like a bee catches a whiff of pollen miles away and then moves in that direction, so can an entrepreneur sense opportunity in the air. It starts out as a dream, then becomes so palatable you can taste it.

(Needless to say, tea entrepreneurs drink their dreams. Yes, it always comes back to the leaf. After all, this blog is ‘Straight From The Leaf’. Enough said.)

Some look at this picture and think “peony”. The bee looks at the same and receives another idea: honey raw material source. Don’t you see and smell the honey already?

Industrious lot, bees are.

True, everything doesn’t appear particularly sweet right now. Pollen itself is comprised of very small particles. Others can sniff the same pollen the bee does and have a completely different reaction. One whiff and the person goes into a fit of sneezing, watery eyes, and other symptoms too indelicate to mention here. The bee can handle what makes others sick because the pollen is tied to its purpose.


Furthermore, it may be hard to understand the reason this bee is attracted to peonies rather than roses. The bee is, I daresay, busy making the most of what’s before it. Focused effort yields an energy that the keeps the bee aloft long enough to get the task completed.

Bees and the entrepreneur both prefer it this way. Once the idea is executed, the results speak for itself. There is a level of success, even sweeter than honey, awaiting those willing to work for it.

So, go ahead and start getting sticky. Thankfully, there is a difference between being sticky and being stuck. As long as there is an idea to pursue, an entrepreneur is never stuck (unless it’s a test market for new glue)”.

“Because of your actions,” Manhattan-based banker Nicole Haddock replied when I asked aloud the reason business opportunities are swirling around me — like pollen.

Indeed, I complain not: opportunities welcome here. I work towards making the most of what I’ve been given. For all the good tea people daily engaged within the tea industry, I raise my tea cup in salute.

It is ALL worth it.

Taking a lesson from the bee, let’s all stay busy and focused on our purpose. Cups up!


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