Where’s My Hat? Pretty Hat Tea Preparation


ImageVitamins are my friend today.

Tomorrow I’ll spend the afternoon with New Rochelle‘s STRIVE Dance Leadership Academy. Unlike other tea events, this Generation Z group seeks to learn more about tea, its customs and its people.

They are leaders indeed.

What a concept… drinking actual tea at a tea party instead of using tea in name only, i.e. UTINO.

This is a privileged invitation this cha maven found irresistible.

Imagine the consequences.

The future of new unapologetic tea aficionados is at stake.

Our youth deserve better than dust!

Guess who’s bringing the tea? Voilà! See the clue.

Good Morning Good Tea People!

Purple Is Pretty

Going to My Head

Preoccupied with tea selection, I now remember it’s a PRETTY HAT tea.

Ah, this means another decision becomes necessary. My default Saturday low-brim baseball cap is not an option. Life truly is a series of decisions, whether minute or immense.

Thankfully, there are potential candidates in their hatboxes awaiting my final decision.

For the record, I enjoy hats too well to throw them around violently. Any hat thrown into a ring I daresay probably wasn’t worthy of the head from which it came.

Pardon the digression.

There is an adrenaline rush of anticipation for tomorrow’s event. Please pray that all the Pretty Hat Tea attendees rest well tonight.

For tomorrow, it’s on and steeping. Tea, that is.

Cups up! To the future!


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