Poems For Life’s Puzzle – Tea and Poetry

Although disinclined to celebrate fools on any day, my wholehearted celebration of April as National Poetry Month may appear a bit contrived and self-serving. It’s like celebrating January as Hot Tea Month. If I drink tea and write poetry all year round — and I do  — then isn’t highlighting the month as such simply redundant?

Let’s pour a cup of tea to ponder that …

Hmm. Perhaps there is a Hallmark card to mark the occasion. Until then, let’s enjoy and enter this season of poetic expression.

Line Upon Line

Poetry is the mental exercise that moves words from the heart to the head. Often what we find difficult to articulate in the moment, we find a way to commit to paper. Yes, paper is my preference so that my hands have opportunity to line up with my head and heart.

As a public relations intern, I remember receiving this gift journal and being nervous about my writings one day being read publicly. After all, journals and diaries contained a person’s most private and  intimate thoughts. Thankfully, this journal precedes the dawning of social media’s YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Prose can become a public tweet instantly. For example, my recent Twitter #NYCpoetweet,

Uptown Downtown

I really don’t care

I’ll walk through all five boroughs

upon hearing tea steeps there

What if the lines don’t line up? We all make mistakes. Making faux pas among pages is preferable to airing mistakes across the Internet. Unfortunately, there isn’t a world-wide-web-size correction fluid currently available.

Poems For Life’s Puzzle

Just like the childhood jigsaw puzzles that occupied my attention growing up, Poems For Life’s Puzzle is my tangible landmark pulled from private journals spanning two decades. Each word etched a milestone achieved during the season I first desperately sought to put the pieces of my life together.

Are all the pieces in place now? No, of course not. Yet I no longer waste time attempting to put pieces where they simply do not fit. These poems serve as a written road map pointing towards a purposeful destination.

      Because even if I fall, I know I will stand…

     (from Even If I Fall, I Know I Will Stand by Verna L. Hamilton)

For more Poems For Life’s Puzzle, visit the preview. Certainly there is a poem for every season and for every reason. Poetry reminds us that there are reasons to get up.

Here’s a reason: Tea.

Pour a cup.

Take a pen.


Cups up!