Tea and Higher Education – Penn State Tea House


PSU ClubCollege is a place where dreams incubate and where inventors test their ideas. Given the bucolic surroundings of Penn State University, it is arguably a plentifully fertile field of dreams.

My own Florida A&M University professors also encouraged me to develop ideas, to test concepts and to analyze the results. Whether it be tea or adding a creative twist to a classic, exploration leads a path into new possibilities.

What if  Howard University alumna Roberta Flack ever visited the 2-year old Penn State University Tea House? Then perhaps she’d sing the ‘Killing Me Softly With His Song‘ melody with different lyrics.

Picture it. We walk over to 34 Ritenour Building.

Go ahead.

Take off your shoes.

Take a seat.

Have a cup of Korean Sejak (pronounced “say-jack”) green tea.

Enter the zone where both tea and words flow.

** Lights suddenly go dim **

Who dimmed the lights?!

Natural sunlight is preferable and turning off the lights is unnecessary. As a matter of fact, that’s an entirely different classic song and post altogether.

Focus, good tea people, focus.

Filling Me Softly With Good Cha


Heard Penn State ran a Tea House

I heard they liked to brew

So I went to State College

To share a pot or two

And there they were these young folks

Bringing tears to my eyes

They were…

Keeping pots full of hot water

Pouring tea cups carefully

Filling me softly with good cha

Filling me softly

With good cha

Studying our tea world

To learn more

Filling us softly with more cha

Let all the tea aficionadoes sing: “Oooh oh oh…” (“La la la la” implied). Whatever your song, let there be tea. Cups up!


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  1. I think this one is your most amazing post ever
    ‘I heard she drank a souchong’

    Takes me back to my early years in the 1700s and drinking in tea houses (“penny universities” in London.

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