Searching for Samosas – Silver Tips Tea Room


20120116-115324.jpg Food and tea share this characteristic: once you experience the genuine article, imitations simply become a false advertising nuisance. Whether it is a Philadelphia cheesesteak, some Memphis barbecue, or a slice of Key Lime pie, it is wise not to play with regional food staples. Or, as a seasoned and savvy auto executive once taught me, “If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch until you can.”

Enough said.

The Daily Grade

New Yorkers are merciless food critics. Then again, what else would you expect from a city with more than 23,000 food establishments. Restauranteurs work diligently to differentiate themselves from the plethora of culinary options.

Tea aficionados are even more discerning if not politely insidious. We, always craving a great tea experience, each have a set of undisclosed pet peeves that tea rooms must avoid. Yet since tea is intensely personalized, one can only imagine the difficulty that arises in keeping a coterie of cuppa lovers fully satisfied. Only the strong survive. Finding this combination consistently in New York is as character-building as navigating weekend subway route changes and explaining the MTA Select Bus system to countless tourists.

Wait. Take that unlimited MetroCard to Grand Central Station. From Grand Central Station, Silver Tips Tea Room is a 40-minute Metro-North Railroad train ride to Tarrytown in Westchester County.

Are these samosas worth the trip? Better yet, what is a samosa? Think samosas paired with Makaibari Estate Darjeeling black tea. Now, lean back and relax.

I See Samosas – Silver Tips Tea Room

Samosas are deep-fried savory pastries filled with potatoes, onions and other vegetables. Usually served with tamarind sauce and chutney, samosas is an appetizer or a snack. Since Silver Tips Tea Room owner Anupa Mueller‘s samosa fame reached me in Gotham City, I decided to add some to my afternoon tea.

Pairing their 2nd Flush 2011 Makaibari Estate Darjeeling served an admirable companion to this feast. Look at the tea’s liquor:

Suddenly overtaken by a wave of tea envy? Please don’t be. Silver Tips sells their Darjeeling black tea as well as other gift items.

Thanks to Jacque of Silver Tips, I emerged full and satisfied with a tea-infused euphoria as memorable as their smoky Lapsang Souchong-infused egg salad sandwiches.

Thoroughly refreshed and recharged, it was time to return to New York and its teeming masses.

Raised cup salute to Darjeeling, Silver Tips Tea Room and good tea people everywhere. Cups up!


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