Love Thy Neighbor – DAVIDsTEA


20111227-093428.jpgOnce upon a time when we were civilized, we called the people who lived around us neighbors. When someone moved into the area, the existing residents welcomed the newcomer in hopes of easing the stress that accompanies a life event. Anybody who has ever moved knows that the effects are felt long after the last unpacked box. Ouch. Massage, anyone?

Starting over and relocating to a new area, for whatever reason, is difficult enough. Neighbors help absorb the shock caused by unfamiliar surroundings. They are the support network underneath every vibrant community. Indeed, neighbors keep communities strong.

Hello Neighbor


With this mindset, I and fellow tea aficionado Darlene Meyers-Perry decided to welcome the Canadian-based DAVIDsTEA to New York City.

New York is now home for two of its retail locations. Walking past a coffee company to enter DAVIDsTEA on 66th and Third Avenue, I noticed the vanilla scent meeting me at the door. Vanilla usually has a calming effect, but I’d prefer to smell tea. Thankfully, the wall display contained sealed tea samples to make this possible. I inhaled the Long Life Oolong and thought it interesting enough to try.

Kudos to DAVIDsTEA for investing in employee training and tea product knowledge! It was obvious that both Jamie and Shalyah enjoyed working there. Shalyah joyfully pulled out tin after tin, genuinely delighted to meet fellow tea drinkers. Jamie perfectly steeped an outstanding cup Gyokuro Yamashiro green tea. It was so good that I overlooked the to-go container. Instead, I purchased enough tea to need a recyclable bag…


Those two ladies displayed a level of customer service that, if sustained, will keep people coming back to refill their empty tins.

Again, welcome to the tea neighborhood DAVIDsTEA. Thanks for bringing more tea options. Cups up!


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