Calm in Jersey – Tea Fields Café


20111221-145057.jpgNew Jersey, also known as The Garden State, seems incapable of inspiring neutral opinions about it: one either loves it or hates it. It’s the stuff that feeds reality television viewership.

Like a cornucopia, the small state has distinct quadrants. For example, bucolic, fresh produce-generating South Jersey has a very different vibe from North Jersey. The Jersey Shores actively seek more publicity and tourism than privately powerful Central Jersey. All in all, New Jersey has something for everyone, including tea.

Tea Fields Café – Englewood, NJ

Why did this New Yorker cross the George Washington Bridge? To visit the calm tea spot at 46 North Dean Street which fellow aficionado Erica Morrison created.


For those who truly love tea done well, Tea Fields Café has all the elements for a fully satisfying tea experience:

Excellent Tea

Out of all the possibilities the tea menu presented, this pot of Plum Long, an organic plum oolong tea, erased cares from my short-term memory with the first sip. For those seeking an herbal infusion, I recommend giving the African Nectar rooibos a taste.

Flavorful Food

Salad-adverse individuals like myself are hard to impress. This salad with chickpeas, broccoli and cranberries paired deliciously with the spinach quiche. There’s enough food at Tea Fields almost to make you forget about the tea. Almost.

Welcoming Atmosphere

An added bonus: my coffee-loving cousin joined me at Tea Fields. He appreciated the diverse java options. According to him, his latte and freshly baked blueberry muffin prompted him to include Tea Fields in his smartphone. No small feat, I assure you. Then again, it’s not easy to have tea and coffee dwell peacefully together.

That’s the hallmark of professionals: the ability to make something difficult appear effortless. Tea Fields Café justifies the effort of crossing a bridge. Being the tea drinker George Washington was, his namesake bridge serves as an apt purpose. Cups up!


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