Talking Teacups with Darlene Meyers-Perry


Shopping is, without doubt, my least favorite pursuit. Convulsive shudders ensue at the thought of my methodically sifting and inspecting cluttered piles of  items left to die in a retail graveyard, also known as the clearance bin. Of course, the posh among us disdain the clearance rack and esteem the antique. Isn’t it the same concept? Relocate old, unwanted items to sell to a new, fresh audience.

Antiquing to me is what Kryptonite is to Superman: it drains all previously available strength. Yet antiquing definitely has benefits. Has anyone else noticed how many antique stores and tea rooms coexist in the same location? Yes, I’m the one securing the reservation, admiring the architecture, and patiently perusing the tea menu.

Those Who Can… Collect

My admiration for those who possess supreme shopping powers knows no bounds. Darlene Meyers-Perry, editor of The Tea Enthusiast’s Scrapbook, recently unveiled a portion of her teacup collection at A Gift of Tea event (please see Tea Flows in Harlem Boutique). From cajoling Hong Kong customs officials to upping the bidding war ante on eBay, Darlene Meyers-Perry lets nothing stand between her and her collectibles. If you are a tea enthusiast, be glad.

Each cup set represented a unique journey and each story held our undivided attention. Darlene’s face practically beamed as she jubilantly explained how each piece made its way into her personal collection. Here, I thought, was the antidote to my shopping dilemma: give Darlene the funds and send her forth. Since I drink tea and we’re tea sisters, I then vicariously shop through her. Listening to how she discovered these treasures meant that I didn’t have to go anywhere. Problem solved. Let there be tea.

Yes, that’s worth raising a cup of tea or two. Oolong, anyone?

Better yet, do what Darlene Meyers-Perry did that evening: Share. Cups up!


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