Tea Flows in Harlem Boutique



It started one cold and rainy October night in Harlem. Curiosity seekers came from all five New York boroughs and northern New Jersey. Were they going to the Apollo? No. Tea was the main attraction.

Harlem Flo Lifestyle Boutique
Harlem Flo floral atelier, florist to the oh-so-fabulous, has a lifestyle boutique located at 2276 Frederick Douglass Boulevard. It features one-of-a-kind pieces produced by local talent. The decor invites a closer look at the vast array of books, gifts, housewares, and, thanks to owners Louis Gagliano & Stefan Handl teaming up with A Gift of Tea’s Jo Johnson, tea.


TEAED’s Tea and Education series
After kicking off the series October 27 with Specialty Tea Institute (STI) graduate Erica Morrison of Tea Fields Café, the series continues monthly. Upcoming topic speakers include:

November 18:
Darlene Meyers-Perry
“The Art of Tea Cup Collecting”

December 9:
Verna L. Hamilton
“Steeped in Tradition – Creating Family Memories with Tea”

For more information, please visit A Gift Of Tea. Doesn’t the Tea Fields Coconut Grove green tea (pictured below) look sublime? Go ahead, make some tea. Cups up!



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