A Tale of Two Passions – Tea and Journals



When someone asked me the desert island question, I was absolutely delighted. The thought of a beach, desert island or no, triggers streams of endorphins (read: happy thoughts). I equate close proximity to an ocean to having uninterrupted peace and quiet. Hear the ocean waves pounding the surf. Smell the salty air as it fills and clears your lungs. Wait… What was the question? For a moment my introversion-preferring self got caught up in the scenario.

Answer the question. What would I want on a desert island? Desert island survival items, besides my non-negotiable toothbrush, are few — tea, a pen and a writing journal.


Once Upon A Journal

20111031-215715.jpgBefore blogs, there were journals. Yes, people actually used hands, pens, and paper to write. Some still do. Little did I imagine that my first journal (pictured) would one day lead to Straight From The Leaf. Here’s a glimpse of My inaugural 16 December 1987 journal entry:

To Whomever:
I’ve always wanted a book like this. Not to record the soppy, sentimental trash that usually litters diaries, but to have a convenient place to put the soppy, sentimental poems I pen from time to time.
I personally don’t consider my prose “trash”. However, Time and taste will tell.


Liquid Writing Companions

20111031-222332.jpgContemplating thoughts while drinking tea is the acme pairing. Words and tea flow together, the one playing off the other until it’s finished or refilled.

Slowly sipping an Oriental Beauty oolong, a mildly nutty Genmaicha green, or an earthy pu’erh is poetry in a cup. Find a tea that moves you to write. Find a writer with words worth a sip or two. Most of all, find a quiet spot. Pause. Relax. Be. Drink Tea.


About Verna L. Hamilton

Unapologetic tea aficionado travels world, drinks tea, and pours out words. Shares her passion for the Camellia Sinensis plant in all its forms -- black, oolong, green, white, pu-erh -- and, if done well, doesn't discriminate against rooibos, herbals, tisanes or other infusions. Uses tea as a bridge towards bringing people together. Cups up! #DrinkTea

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