Loving Cups – Tea and Friendship


Friends don’t let friends drink bad tea. If this sentiment seems a tad extreme, then ask yourself, “Would I watch my friend drink poison?” It is a matter of principle. Stalwart tea aficionado that I am, I’d rather a friend drink a great cup of coffee than be debased by drinking a poor cup of tea. Yes, both tea and friendships are that important.

Pouring Out Friendship

Like tea, friendship is measured in quality rather than quantity. Friends develop over time, in different climates and under varying circumstances. Individuals who help us grow stronger, wiser and better are friends. As a result, each friend possesses a unique flavor profile. Here are a few sample tea friend profiles:

Matcha Mates

These are the individuals who can see you ground to a fine powder, get you into a quiet space, and  then motivate you to stir up what’s left into a delicious possibility. These particular friends are rare, refreshing and precious.

Oolong Allies

These friends offer enduring support that’s been tested in boiling hot situations. In their company, you can freely open up in conversation and their friendship tends to sweeten over time. Their company is both soothing, relaxing and ended seemingly too soon.

Chai Chums

These are the buddies whose interactions are full of variety, spice and tend to leave you warmer after each encounter. They help you survive life’s cold and/or rainy moments.

Certainly there are other tea friend types, some bolder than others. If you have friends, then offer them a cup of tea in gratitude. I find that the more I pour tea, the richer my friendships grow. I’m thankful that my friends have yet to grow weary of my plying them with endless cups of tea. It’s one of the easiest ways I know to show how much I care. (Note: I’m working on sharing my chocolate.)

Drinking tea with friends is much preferable than relying on a social media platform to identify friends. It is relatively easy to identify a friend: a friend is known by his or her actions. Speaking of actions, let’s lift our cups in a salute to friends and friendship. Cups up!


About Verna L. Hamilton

Unapologetic tea aficionado travels world, drinks tea, and pours out words. Shares her passion for the Camellia Sinensis plant in all its forms -- black, oolong, green, white, pu-erh -- and, if done well, doesn't discriminate against rooibos, herbals, tisanes or other infusions. Uses tea as a bridge towards bringing people together. Cups up! #DrinkTea

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