Handled with Care


Few items convey a personal touch like a handwritten thank-you note. We expect more from such items because of the resourceful tool used to create them: the human hand. From china tea cups to Rolls-Royce automobiles, our hands are primarily responsible for working out the dreams our minds conceive. Hands help us creatively express ourselves in writing, in cooking, in building, and in processing and preparing tea.

Digital Construction

Take a look at a hand.

Studying the human anatomy, we understand that of the 206 bones contained within the entire skeleton, each hand and wrist has 27 bones and tendons. Fourteen bones (phalanges) give our fingers, also known as digits, their dexterity and range of movement. Whether pointing a finger or writing a letter, our fingers assist us in reaching our goals. Our fingerprints bear tangible proof that our ideas have come to life. So, handle ideas and people with care.

A Hand-Intensive Beverage

Without hands, there would be no tea. From the first pluck of the tender leaf, tea is the beverage that incorporates a personal touch from start to finish. Whether hand rolled or CTC, tea still requires hands to prepare it, to pour it into a cup, and to share a moment of liquid pleasure. It is the gracious care that extends to every cup of tea and presents itself with each sip. That being said, let’s use our hands to create some joy. Cups up!



About Verna L. Hamilton

Unapologetic tea aficionado travels world, drinks tea, and pours out words. Shares her passion for the Camellia Sinensis plant in all its forms -- black, oolong, green, white, pu-erh -- and, if done well, doesn't discriminate against rooibos, herbals, tisanes or other infusions. Uses tea as a bridge towards bringing people together. Cups up! #DrinkTea

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  1. This was a nice blog post – I like how you talk about how "hands on" tea is. It's another reason I don't favor tea bags, they separate me from my tea. Picking up the tea leaves, letting them run through my fingers, looking at them, that's all part of the tea experience. When they are in bags, the tea remains out of touch.Thank you for the nice pictures too.J.

  2. Beautiful article on hands and tea. I am going to share with my tea loving friend who just broke her hand. Yikes, they are more delicate than we might imagine.

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