In the beginning was the leaf, and the leaf was loose and without water. And I saw this and said, “it is not good that the leaf should be alone. Let there be tea.” And it was so and tea is good.

Verna L. Hamilton

Tea is simple: hot water and leaves. Yet tea’s simplicity creates a conducive environment for resurrecting an endangered art: the art of face-to-face conversation.

Good Morning Good Tea People!
Good Morning Good Tea People! The Modern Tea Proverb Journal

Straight From The Leaf, too, started simply as a blog and a tweet. Since August 2009 words pour out which attempt both to provoke thought and to evoke the social bonds that tea facilitates.

Vibing at the 2014 Global Tea Expo (Ístanbul, Turkey)

Like a tea pot, I find that once the words start pouring and the conversation begins, there’s someone who needs the refreshing that only comes straight from the tea leaf. The more we study the tea leaf, its history, and the customs of the people who drink it, the more we discover how much more we can learn from each other.

Tea is more than a hot beverage. It is a lifestyle which gives us the pause we need to appreciate our lives daily. The conversation around tea transcends demographics and is without geographical boundaries. Thankfully, tea pours around the globe and there’s a cup for everyone.

So, let there be TEA. Cups up good tea people!

Poems For Life's Puzzle / Tea Philosophy
Poems For Life’s Puzzle / Tea Philosoph
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